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The Gemstone From The Stars

Our Moissanite

We proudly utilise Eternal Brilliance Moissanite. With over 15 years of synthesisation and gem-cutting technologies at the core of  their practices, our Moissanite is grown and cut to the exacting standards set by Eternal Brilliance Moissanite to create the most diamond-like alternative, not just in quality but also in appearance.

Eternal Brilliance Moissanite pioneers the moissanite industry with an unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality gemstones, whilst also sharing our core values of maintaining a strong devotion to sustainable manufacturing. 

All our Moissanite Company stones are D colour and range from VVS1 clarity to Internally Flawless.

Moissanite At A Glance

Moissanites are recognised as the 'gemstone from the stars' after French chemist, Henri Moissan discovered the stone in a meteorite crater in 1893. Due to natural moissanites rarity, all moissanite is now laboratory created. Moissanite has a chemical composition of SiC - Silicon Carbide. All of our moissanite begins as 'rough' moissanite, as pictured - before being hand cut for each unique ring we craft.

The finished, hand-cut gemstone looks vastly different from the rough form, perfectly faceted and ready for setting in your bespoke piece.

Meticulously Set In Your Dream Ring

Our moissanite is meticulously set by skilled jewellers. Ready for you to cherish forever.



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