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Our Story

Bringing dream rings to life

At The Moissanite Company, we value your love story. We walk the journey with you. We focus on utilising our highest quality moissanites, paired with impeccable craftsmanship to create special pieces that are bespoke, ethical, and affordable and that will truly last a lifetime.

Our Mission

Crafting bespoke, ethical, and affordable ceremonial jewellery for the modern couple.


Our Vision

To help create positive change within the jewellery industry, removing the stigma around diamond alternatives and helping as many couples find their dream 'forever' rings. 


Our Why

We do what brings us joy - crafting dream rings, creating and connecting. We have a deep passion and love for what we do, and it is an honour and a privilege to walk the journey with couples.





Makayla has always had a creative spark within her, driving her passions and trajectory in life. Growing up, it was hand-making jewellery, painting, drawing, dancing – anything self-expressive. In her teen years, Makayla worked in jewellery, with a collection of Australia’s leading brands. This is ultimately where she gained a significant amount of her knowledge and skillset about the craft.


Fast-forward half a decade, Makayla, and her partner Tom, were looking at getting engaged. Knowing moissanite was an option, she began the search for her own dream ring but was underwhelmed with the lack of moissanite options, quality, and affordability within Australia at the time. So, she began on her own journey of creating her own moissanite engagement ring.


Makayla’s ring inspired what is now known as our best-selling ‘Luise Ring’ – the ring that started it all, named after her ‘Oma’ or, Great Grandmother.


After designing her ring, one thing led to another, and she was so inspired to share what she had created. The inevitable next step was turning her long-standing passion for jewellery, into a conscious business that afforded couples with the deeply personal experience, bespoke-ness and affordability she once was seeking.


Because Makayla went through the process herself, she knew exactly how she could help other couples.


Makayla, now expecting her first baby, and runs The Moissanite Company alongside her small, committed team.

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